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A Brief History

The history of Opium dates back to 3,400 BC when the cultivation of the poppy seed was seen in lower Mesopotamia in Southwest Asia. It was given the name of ‘Hul Gil’ or ‘Joy plant’ by the Sumerians.

Historical Use Of Opium

Opium is a narcotic drug obtained from the dried latex of the opium poppy seed pod. About 12% of the opium latex contains alkaloid morphine that is chemically treated to produce heroin and other synthetic medicinal drugs and opioids.

About Us

The world is grappling with drug crisis since times immemorial. Hundreds of people die every day from drug related overdoses while millions suffer from drug addiction.

The drug crisis has reached such proportions where it does not only pose a danger for public health but is fast becoming tedious for the economy and a threat to the national security. The problem always begins with over prescription of legally approved medicines.

But the influx of cheap drugs like heroin and other synthetic opioids supplied by drug peddlers both nationally and internationally has resulted in creating destruction.

How Opium Was Discovered

Opium is derived from the milky sap of the bright red poppy flower. The opium poppy seeds are the originators of morphine, heroin and other opiates. Cultivation of the poppy plant can be traced back to the earliest of human civilizations. This narcotic drug is being used for centuries as a medicine as well as a drug.

In ancient Egypt opium use and opium trade flourished in the reign of King Tutankhamen. It was in the sixth or seventh centuries that opium was introduced in East Asia and China when trade was being carried out along the Silk Route.

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The Historical Use Of Opium

There have been some findings by anthropologists to prove that opium was supposed to have some ritual significance having healing powers. In Egypt the use of opium was confined to warriors, priests and magicians for the treatment of headache in earlier times.

Historical Use Of The Drug